Effective ways for a successful Webinar Promotion

Effective ways for a successful Webinar Promotion

Are you launching your first webinar and want to spread awareness about it? Do you know how to get leads for that webinar and to retain them in the future? Do you know how to build a potential landing page? If not, you must go through this blog to create a successful webinar promotion. We have curated the best-proven tips that you should follow to promote your webinar. Let us get started.

  1. Optimize your registration page

The landing page (registration page) is the representation of your brand. This is the first important step in your lead generation funnel. Many people fail to optimize their landing page and that results in fewer leads. There has to be a funnel to trap your audience and get converted to a lead. To make it interactive, we have mentioned some key points that you need to remember while generating leads for your next webinar.

  • Choose a topic that interests your audience

Before beginning with other technical things, make sure you have a strong title. Make a webinar on what your audience really wants. The best way is to include a number (Eg – 5 ways to….) or asks a question (Eg – Do you know how to convert ….?) for better results. Test different titles and get the best engaging one.

  • Limit the number of form fields

People are interested in the value that you are going to provide. So when you ask for their personal information keep fewer fields in your form. Keep it simple and ask just the name, email, and phone number (optional). You can also offer them to save the date and time to their calendar.

  • Include a video, image or both

Graphical and Video content is the need of the hour. Giving your audience social proof is much more important nowadays. Human touch and a sense of trust in your video will definitely help to increase conversions by 80%.
Briefing them about the webinar or a review of your client in the form of video will boost your landing page potential to generate leads. Also, including images of the speaker will also help to serve the purpose of your landing page.

  • Highlight the benefits

Include key benefits of your webinar. Most of the people who will land on your landing page will relate to the benefits of the webinar. You will have to understand your audience’s behaviour and then add benefits. Structure it in just 5 bullet points and not too long. Make it a highlight on the page to increase brand awareness and also it can be converted to a lead.

  1. Get your webinar promotion timing right:

If you are planning to do a webinar and want to maximize your reach and generate leads then start at least 4 weeks in advance. For any marketing activity, planning is so important. This planning includes the timing of the webinar, hosting day of the webinar, when to promote, target audience, content, promotions across different platforms, etc. The 4 weeks are enough to reach the specific audience you want and to generate the maximum amount of leads. From the first day, the leads will slowly start to increase. More than 60% of the leads will be fetched on the day of the webinar. Around 30% will be generated in the first three weeks. If you place your content in the right way, you will be able to grab more attention well through your promotions.

  1. Send out personalized webinar invites

It has become imperative to include an hyper personalized approach in any of your campaigns. Personalized invites are important rather than mailing them the same script in bulk. Sending invites is a great way to reach your audience and also to create awareness of the webinar. Mailing them is the best way to keep them in the loop that will convert into a successful leader. While making the content give special attention to the subject line, image, and header text. This will decide how many people open your mail. Now the rest is to keep them aware of your webinar. Send them details, benefits, why should they join, etc. And finally a call to action linked to your landing page. It will surely get converted for your webinar. Also, do not  forget to send a reminder to the people who have signed up for your webinar so that they won’t miss it.

  1. Promoting your webinar
  • Webinar promotion timing – Sending an invite at a specific time or a specific day will help to increase the registration rates. Tuesdays and Wednesdays have a higher number of open rates than other days and attract more audiences.  Also, sending it in the morning will boost your webinar awareness as you will be on top of their email list.
  • Promote on social platforms – Facebook and LinkedIn have a great potential audience to get more leads and traction. Use high-quality images, attractive content, and you are good to go. Also, don’t forget Twitter, Instagram, and other groups.
  • Get a shout out – Partnering with an influencer from the same industry will help to aware the audience about the webinar. Your brand will be exposed easily and they can easily trust you.
  • Use your own platforms – Don’t forget to post on your social media platform. Ask your network to spread it as much as possible. Including on your website is a great way to connect with the audience.
  1. Promote On-demand webinars

Some people sometimes miss out on the webinar or some wish to play it, repetitively, to understand it thoroughly. More than 84% of the audience will replay the webinar when they will start to make their own landing page. For this purpose, promoting the recorded version of the webinar will surely help. You can also create a page on your site where links to the webinars can be posted. This will also help to promote your brand presence.

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