Top of Funnel Marketing: Strategies for Acquiring More B2B Leads

Strategies for Acquiring More B2B Leads

To create a successful marketing campaign, it is essential to first fathom the marketing funnel, its stages and importance. Only by paying a fair amount of attention to the broader stage of the marketing funnel will you be able to acquire users to the subsequent stages of the funnel. Traditionally, acquiring and converting leads from top of the funnel marketing is ten times more expensive than converting existing leads. If you optimise your top of the funnel with the right approach, you can cut down on your costs dramatically and reach the right audience every single time.

So, what exactly are marketing funnels?

The marketing funnel is a conception that is used to contemplate the process of turning prospective leads to customers. It predominantly corresponds with the customer acquisition process. Marketers cast an extensive net to apprehend as many leads as possible, and then gradually nurture those prospective leads by narrowing them down in each stage of the funnel.

To adopt the right approach it is vital to understand the stages involved in the marketing funnel. 

1st stage is the Top Of The Funnel (TOFU)

Tofu is the awareness stage where you cater to the widest and most conventional audience. In this stage, you attempt to accumulate a large pool of people who have a hitch and are probably looking out for more information about what the hurdle might be. TOFU content should focus only on being educational and adding value. It should definitely not include anything that is even vaguely related to a sales pitch.

Strategies for Acquiring More B2B Leads

2nd stage is the Middle Of The Funnel (MOFU)

For many, MOFU is the most crucial stage of the marketing funnel because you now have an assortment of interesting leads whom you need to equip. By this stage, your leads have embraced that they have a specific issue and are actively looking out for a solution, which simply means that you now have a targeted set of audiences. At this consideration/evaluation stage, you can bring your own product or service into the discussion keeping in mind to continually educate your leads but also addressing why you are the best solution. 

3rd stage is the Bottom Of The Funnel (BOFU)

BOFU is your most favourable stage. You now have a narrower set of audiences that are highly qualified leads. They’ve already done their set of research and are interested in your product or service but are more likely to compare them with several other options as well. At this stage, you may showcase your product or service, give a demonstration of how it works by showing its features and outline the specific benefits, solve their pain points and beat the competition.

Why Is Top Of The Funnel Marketing the most important?

As per a recent poll, about 85% of website visitors fall into the TOFU category. The TOFU content is considered to be informative, entertaining and an answer to a specific question. Many marketers brush away the TOFU marketing process as a pointless effort but it is crucial to understand that without collecting people at the top, your visitors can’t start building the shifting process down the funnel. The goal of TOFU marketing is to create awareness and generate hot leads.

Strategies for Acquiring More B2B Leads
Are you wondering who these undesignated 85% visitors are and what exactly are they looking out for?

These TOFU visitors are nothing but learners. At this point of time they are avid learners who might be interested in your product or services in the longer run if you keep pitching them with the right approach. All they are looking out for is an answer to their question and that is why they used the search engine to find you. If you want to appeal to these learners, you need to work on your TOFU marketing content. Make it as general, valuable, helpful and pleasing as possible. Your intent should be to nurture the lead by using high-quality graphics, informative content and thumb-stopping headlines.

So, if you directly try to make a sale it’s not going to work! Instead, add value to their lives and create relevant content so that they recognise your brand and this will eventually let them enter the marketing funnel.

TOFU Strategies

1. Defining your Target Audience- Who are you willing to curate your content for? To know this you need to thoroughly research your target audience first. Recognise their goals, their requirements and their grievances. The best way is to research where your competitors are focusing on currently as it will give you the best insights of probable users. Once your target audience is defined, create content that resonates with their requirements and solves their queries.


2. Content Marketing – Blog posts, videos and infographics are the most effective and useful forms of content marketing.  Blogs are the best way to produce and receive relevant and productive information. This is exactly why currently most business websites are using blogs as the most powerful model for content marketing. Videos on the other hand are the most used form of online content alongside blogs. There are tonnes of video streaming channels available today and thousands of videos are being uploaded on a daily basis. Choosing a highly engaging platform to share video content will give you an edge in terms of creating awareness among your audience and attracting them towards your brand. Infographics is another brilliant way to provide the most useful information through images. They are self-explanatory and useful especially to provide useful data. The idea is to create infographics that are unique and give valuable insights about the product or service. Infographics are a great way to engage with your audience as it eliminates the need to read long articles to collect information.

3. Social Media- Social Media is the most powerful tool used to reach out to a wider user base and to improve the visibility of your brand. It is the most used online platform be it on computers or mobile devices and the best way to engage with users and receive information about them. This information is useful throughout the marketing funnel. Apart from this it can also be used to provide various forms of content like ads, videos, images, blogs, podcasts, etc.

The Top Of The Funnel stage is the widest one in the marketing funnel. This means that you need to have access to a large set of audiences and to attract them you have to target them with an exquisite top of the funnel strategy.