Live on and Webinar Promotions

An interactive 30minutes to 1 hour+ presentation and discussion hosted by the client or by Souk Media’s expert with the client speaker(s).

It helps the clients who have a detailed and visually appealing story to tell and at the same time helps them generate awareness and leads for their product / service.

As per the industry trend only around 16%-20% to people actually attends the webinar, hence it is important for the client to also reach out to the rest of the people who couldn’t make it by pushing their webinar asset (client-owned) as on-demand.

We help our clients reach out to the right audience as per the targeting parameters shared by them and engage with them for signing up and attending the webinars. Our team also has the ability to execute the webinars from a specific target account list(s).

We follow the same approach while doing our B2B lead gen programs including growth hacking methods and with the help of our in-house publishing brand platform called “” to make sure we are able to achieve the results as per clients expectations.

We have executed several webinars across the globe and we improve with every new webinar that we do for our clients.

Our team has the ability to execute end-to-end webinars, where we have our Souk Media Expert moderating the entire event and the webinar hosting is done on a third party platform like GoToWebinar and LiveStorm.