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Amazing job on follow up for our team's set of registrations for the SEA webinar. We have never seen attendance rate like this for our internal set of leads in an externally conducted webinar. Thanks for treating these on priority.

Field Marketing, Singapore

The audience acquired for our virtual event was highly engaging during the live event especially being senior level CX managers. The total view time per attendee was also phenomenal. great job done by the team in lead generation and managing the event.

Senior Regional Marketing Manager APAC MEA

Thank you for all the great effort and support in putting together this live webinar for us. Appreciate all the hard work. Keep up the good job!! We hope to engage with you on many more projects.

Executive Vice President

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We combine our multi-touch, multi-channel capabilities with years of targeted sales and marketing expertise to optimize conversions and maximize results

Enterprise + SMB Clients
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drop in cost of audience acquisition
ROI - Avg. 6 months sales cycle

Thanks team for all your help. Enjoyed working with you to deliver this webinar. We're eagerly looking forward to the report of registration, attendees and poll responses. The PDF looks great. Plenty of content there that we can use while reaching out to prospects.

Freshworks South East Asia

About us

As a B2B marketing partner, we serve technology brands around the world by providing tailored, effective branding and performance marketing solutions to help them meet their marketing goals & objectives.

Our end-to-end events management solutions for virtual events webinars, physical/hybrid events, and bespoke events, allow us to work like an extended/plug-and-play team, helping them successfully execute any kind of event anywhere in the world.

What is Souk?

‘Souq’ is an Arabic word meaning of which is “marketplace”.

Our platforms “” and “”, are the largest marketplaces for running virtual events/webinars, other events, and digital media buying needs, respectively.

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